Friday, March 31, 2017

Would you keep you as an employee?

Finishing out the year 2016 I was disappointed in my results as a realtor. I asked myself - If I were my managing broker, would I want me on my sales team? -

Well... I decided that I would keep me on the basis of a probation.  Truthfully I do and have made sales.  But were my sales enough to keep me on the team.

The Solution I came up with:

I decided to put me on probation.  The probation is performance based.  I monitor and measure my activity, behavior and results.

I must make contact with 10 people per day
I must follow up on leads
I must call with purpose

  • Generate an appointment
  • Generate a lead to nurture
  • Grow my database

I must have results
It is said that in real estate, what you do today will come to manifest itself 90 days from now.

I started my new behavioral program at the beginning of the year Jan 1 2017

I have 2 listings
I can keep my position with Coldwell Banker

here the are:

copy and paste in your browser if needed

Tomorrow: 4-1-17
for sale by owner
Expired listings
door knocking

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