Saturday, March 25, 2017

Abundance minded

Today was a great day and real estate. A client of mine drove in from Texas. He's a great guy. He got a great wife. They are loving couple. And they're going to buy house from me. I really enjoyed showing them around. And I really enjoyed being a Salesman without being salesey..

On another note a friend of mine who is a lifeguard joined me in the pool this morning. She's really cool and I got to talk to her from a completely different perspective. She's usually working as a lifeguard. But today she was in the pool swimming. And I felt really good knowing that I was a class of swimmer who is eligible to be in the same Lane as a certified lifeguard. It really gave me a boost of confidence.

Time for bed.
Time for affirmations.
Time to soak up positive thoughts and marinate these positive thought the subconscious mind

To say it was crowded at the pool today is an understatement.!

P.S. I  know that this post doesn't really reflect a tremendous amount of abundance minded thinking. But I can say this. I know that there is more than enough to go. But there is more than enough so that I can have a slice of that pie!

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