Sunday, February 26, 2017

What inspires me?

When I hear Mike Ferry coaching videos, I get inspired to prospect for clients.

When I listen to Renaissance Radio on Pandora, I get inspired to practice my guitar.

When my stomach and head are feeling good, I get inspired to stay on a path of health.

My life is a simple one.

Focus on health. Mind, body and spirit
Focus on helping others sell or buy a house

Real estate is a direct sales business
I Understand and belive that listing property is a direct sales business

Direct - I go to them

who do I call
25-30 calls per day
Database - warm calls
FSBO - cold
Expired - cold
Just listed - circular cold
Just sold - circular cold

My Schedule

Health: Exercise,
Yoga, Swimming
Eat right. don't cheat

Work: Office

role play and practice
set aside time for presentation
appointment setting

Home: Spend time with my dog.  She loves music. Play with her and play the guitar for her

I am that I am
Affirm!  PTL!


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