Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time to get serious

I can't believe it's been a week since I put up my last blog post.
Since then I have visited Salt Lake City and spend Valentine's Day weekend with my wife.
Also I have been prospecting. For Real Estate leads. And I have to admit I have not been doing a very good job. Well I have invested a little bit of money into some help to generate leads set appointments and create sales and I am praying that it'll all work out.
The last component of the equation will be me. I must work harder!
I must work harder!
There's no doubt about it that I have been working not as hard as I could would or should be. So the challenge is to create an environment where I do what I need to do no matter what. I must do what I need to do regardless of what anybody around me says or does. And it's really kind of interesting to say it that way because in my mind I have to really focus on building my real estate business up to where I wanted to be. I need to contact more people I need to create more sales I need to create more action in my business.
And that is it no exception

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