Friday, January 20, 2017

Floor time Friday

 Today was floor time Friday also known as FSBO Friday also known as for sale by owner Friday.


The day started out really great. And then I found out there was nobody to work the floor this morning. So I started out working with lady in the company and going over scripts and presentations. Then round up picking up the floor in the morning. Then wound up going to lunch then picked up the floor again in the afternoon because that's when I was scheduled to work.

Now I'm home having some pasta with clam sauce yes! I am not going to take a picture of my food and a bottle of wine. You and I probably should....

All is well! I am one of the finest realtors in the Roaring Fork Valley! I am the realtor people choose to represent them in their transactions! I am attracting motivated sellers.! I am attracting qualified buyers!

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