Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 I Resolve

Good Morning 2017

I resolve to improve upon my life.

Health:  Diet and Exercise

  • I will bring my weight down to 165 pounds. 
  • I will bring an end to my stomach aches
  • I will bring an end to my headaches
  • I will sleep well
  • I will stop living with pain


  • I am eating a plant based diet.
  • I am swimming a minimum of a half mile 4 times per week.  About 20 minutes
  • I am swimming a kilometer 2 times per week.  About 27 minutes
  • I am walking my dog 1.5 miles per day. About 30 minutes. (she's old)
  • I am practicing yoga 22 minutes per day, 4 time per week.

  • I have stopped taking Acetaminophen 250mg, aspirin 250mg, caffeine 65mg
  • I have stopped taking 500mg acetaminophen and 38mg diphenhydramine citrate as a sleep aid

Career: Real Estate Sales REALTOR Broker Associate

  • Sales Goals:  24 Transactions: 12 Listings - 12 Buyers
  • Sales Volume:  $7.56 Million
  • Gross Commission Income:  $189,000
  • Average Transaction:  $315,000
  • Average Gross Commission:   $7,875
  • Average Net Commission:  $4,252
  • Annual Revenue:  $102,060

I am Prospecting every day.
I am the REALTOR people want to hire.

  1. I am using the phone. Call Zillow FSBO
  2. I am using the phone. Call Expired Listings
  3. I am following up on Direct Mailing
  4. I am Walking Farm (gardens) and talking to poeple

  • I am adhering to my daily tracking form.
  • I am recording my activity
  • I am holding myself accountable to how many people I contact
  • I am setting time to lead generate. 
  • I am following up with leads

I am following Mike's 10 Mandates

  1. I am taking saleable listings
  2. I am getting them sold
  3. I am telling the world about my successes
  4. I am taking more listings because of my success
  5. I am pre-qualifying for price and motivation as key factors
  6. I am diligently adhering to my prospecting program: 
  7. I am using market knowledge as a professional
  8. I am monitoring my market
  9. I am honest in every aspect of my business. I tell the seller the truth
  10. I am speaking with dialogue that is honest that logically and emotionally makes sense
  • I am attracting Motivated Sellers
  • I am attracting Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • I am the REALTOR that people want to hire

I am doing this. 2017 will be a good year.

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