Friday, April 28, 2017

I am that I am

Fear of rejection.
Fear of acceptance.
Fear of embarrassment.

Honesty. Integrity. & Truth will not be compromised!

I am prospecting.
 I am generating leads.
 I am setting appointments.
 I am attracting motivated sellers.
I am attracting qualified buyer.
 I am the realtor people choose to work with.

I am that I am

Wake up.
Hatha Vinyasa yoga 22 minutes.
 Practice the guitar with purpose one hour.
 Go to the swimming pool 9 a.m. .
 Swim 20 to 25 minutes.
 Eat breakfast.
 One hour for breakfast and getting dressed for work.
 Telephone prospecting one to two hours.
 Lead follow up 1 hour.
 Paperwork 2 hours.

To be continued

I am healthy.
 I am wealthy.
 I am wise.

I am that I am

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Off the Grid Living Part 2

11901 County Road 245 New Castle, CO 81647 • #148600

 If you Cherish Off the Grid living but want all the amenities of a luxury home lifestyle. Look no further. Everything you'll ever need is included. Strong Domestic Well. Powerful Solar. Highly effective septic ;) Cell phone and Internet and more. 

You can step out the front door of this dream retreat and you are hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, four wheeling, snowmobiling or taking a trail ride on the thousands of miles of trails that stretch across the White River National Forest lands. 

On those chilly nights there are two wood burning stoves to keep you cozy. You'll find an expansive deck with a custom outdoor kitchen, a large barn as well as a portable outbuilding for additional storage. 

This amazing home has everything that your heart could desire! 

Outdoor Kitchen

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Off the Grid Lifestyle

11901 County Road 245 New Castle, CO 81647 • #148600
I am so happy and grateful that I have an opportunity to present this Magnificent home.
This truly is a rare opportunity. A house like this simply does not come around very often especially at a price as low as this.


This is my third night without painkillers. Also my second day without painkillers. So yes I am probably recording three nights and two days without painkillers. I don't know if I could purchase a better three nights and two days vacation

No to the jar on the left. Yes to the jar on the right.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sleep without painkillers

Last night was the first night in over 2 months that I was able to fall asleep without taking any pain killers and without taking any sleep aids.

I am so happy and grateful that I was able to sleep through the night without pain and without trouble.
 It is a step in the right direction!

No sense in dwelling on where did I go wrong.
Time to focus on where can I go right.

I've always been successful until there was conflict confrontation or adversity.

It has taken me over 30 years later for me to realize realize I can't win if I don't fight.

  Story of My Life

The inter bullies of limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt have dictated where I am today.

Time to face my bullies. Stand up to them, beat them down and win.

My own worst enemy has been the man in the mirror. No more.

I am that, I am

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What do you want

 What do you want?
what do you really want?
I watched the movie The Secret the other night. And has you know the question was asked by one of the people on the panel what do you want? What do you really want?

For the longest time my answer has been I don't know.
 I really haven't known what I want. I really haven't known what I really truly want.
So I've been lying here thinking about what do I really want.
 One thing I have been focused on is my health. I am so tired of living in pain. I can't do it.
I want to be able to laugh without gasping for air.
I am so tired of gasping for air.
I want lungs that are able to hold air.
I want to be able to eat food without hurting. It hurts just to eat so tired of it.
 I want to be able to eat period and not hurt. And if that means eating raw fruits and steamed vegetables and a diet of rice and beans so be it!
I want my head to stop hurting! I want the pain in my head to go away. I want to be healed!
I want to have have energy. I want energy to make it through a day without being exhausted.
I want natural Energy.
I want to be healed!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Paradise Island

Here is a listing I have taken.  Hopefully the video works.

A once in a lifetime opportunity located near Rifle, Colorado. This 89 acre island on the Colorado River is comprised of two parcels, East Paradise Island (44.07 acres) and West Paradise Island (45.80 acres). It is a natural paradise with lush foliage, trees, ponds, streams, wildlife, and fishing. Approximately 3,075 feet long by 1,525 feet wide the island includes access for a bridge.

Located in Garfield County, zoned industrial with possibilities for a PUD (planned unit development). Consider the possibilities of owning your own private hunting and fishing preserve, golf and tennis club, home site development, private air strip and more.

This is a magical wilderness buffered from civilization, yet convenient to the amenities of the fast-growing city of Rifle, Colorado.

There are 2 separate parcels for sale on the island. The west parcel is the 45 acre parcel for $750,000. The East is 44 acre parcel $850,000 being sold by the same seller

Well permit, Xcel energy, and army corp of engineers for bridge construction docs on file. Seller will accept new loan as means of financing. There are 2 separate parcels for sale on the island. The west parcel is the 45 acre parcel for $750,000. The East is $850,000 being sold by the same seller

Directions: I-70 to Rifle. Go to 1st and RailRoad. Turn Left to 2588 hwy 6&24. Access to the property is an easement 1/2 mile on the left. You'll need access to cross the river. (such as a boat/canoe)

Flex MLS#148223 Glenwood Board of Realtors
Financing: Cash or Any Acceptable New Loan

If the video doesn't show up you can click on this link

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Would you keep you as an employee?

Finishing out the year 2016 I was disappointed in my results as a realtor. I asked myself - If I were my managing broker, would I want me on my sales team? -

Well... I decided that I would keep me on the basis of a probation.  Truthfully I do and have made sales.  But were my sales enough to keep me on the team.

The Solution I came up with:

I decided to put me on probation.  The probation is performance based.  I monitor and measure my activity, behavior and results.

I must make contact with 10 people per day
I must follow up on leads
I must call with purpose

  • Generate an appointment
  • Generate a lead to nurture
  • Grow my database

I must have results
It is said that in real estate, what you do today will come to manifest itself 90 days from now.

I started my new behavioral program at the beginning of the year Jan 1 2017

I have 2 listings
I can keep my position with Coldwell Banker

here the are:

copy and paste in your browser if needed

Tomorrow: 4-1-17
for sale by owner
Expired listings
door knocking

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Abundance minded

Today was a great day and real estate. A client of mine drove in from Texas. He's a great guy. He got a great wife. They are loving couple. And they're going to buy house from me. I really enjoyed showing them around. And I really enjoyed being a Salesman without being salesey..

On another note a friend of mine who is a lifeguard joined me in the pool this morning. She's really cool and I got to talk to her from a completely different perspective. She's usually working as a lifeguard. But today she was in the pool swimming. And I felt really good knowing that I was a class of swimmer who is eligible to be in the same Lane as a certified lifeguard. It really gave me a boost of confidence.

Time for bed.
Time for affirmations.
Time to soak up positive thoughts and marinate these positive thought the subconscious mind

To say it was crowded at the pool today is an understatement.!

P.S. I  know that this post doesn't really reflect a tremendous amount of abundance minded thinking. But I can say this. I know that there is more than enough to go. But there is more than enough so that I can have a slice of that pie!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday's triumphs

Simply put here are Mondays try amps.
I swim a kilometer in 26 minutes.
I got a great workout.
I contacted my leads and made some great transactions start.
Which means I've got contracts in the works. Enter!

I'm so grateful and happy that I have the opportunities ahead of me that I have!
I am on the right path!
 Wow! Everything is working just great!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday night

I've been killing it at the pool. I've been swimming like I'm actually back in shape. I've been doing my half miles in 18 minutes and 30 seconds. Or up to 19 minutes. And I'm pretty happy with that! No I'm not pretty happy with it I am happy with it!
Also things are going much better in real estate. I am dialing the phones like a mad demon. But I'm not doing is not. I'm not doing enough. I am going on more appointments. But I am not getting those listings yet. Yet equals you're eligible to too to! Anyway anyway I feel like I'm going to be doing very well very soon

I'm very happy with where things are headed period I really need to stay focused. I need to stay focused. I need to stay focused! And I need to write and speak in a more direct manner. I am doing well!

I am healthy. I am healing. I am happy. I am attracting motivated sellers. I am attracting qualified buyers. I am the realtor that people want to work with! And everything is getting better and better everyday!

This is a picture of my dog. Lucy. She loves me no matter what!  the Loyalty of a dog.



Saturday, March 11, 2017

My attire my appearance

When people make fun of me for how I dress, and when they make jokes about how I look, and when they make statements such as I don't look like I fit in around here, I can't help but think I'm doing the right thing.!


P. S. I think I look fine.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I affirm

I am amazing I am amazing I am amazing I am amazing I am amazing I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I'm attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am tracking motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am attracting motivated sellers I am the realtor the people want to work with I am the realtor the people choose to work with I am the real to the people want to work with I am the real to the people choose to work with I am a realtor that people want to work with I am the real to the people choose to work with and the realtor that people want to work with and every other people choose to work with I am a realtor the Vail choose to work with realtor that people choose to work the real two other people choose to work with I am there Realtors the people choose to work with but I am the real to the people choose to work with the realtor the people choose to work with I am the real to the people choose to work with my realtor that people choose to work with I am a realtor the people choose to work with I am attracting qualified buyers I have attracted qualified but I know but you're acting qualified buyers I am attracting qualified buyers I am attracting qualified buyer I am attracting bye bye attracting qualified buyers but I am attracting qualified buyers I am attracted qualified by her I am attracting qualified buyers I am attracting motivated sellers I am the realtor the people want to work with I am attracting qualified exclamation point

Monday, March 6, 2017

Preparation is essential

Today I was caught off guard.  I was not prepared for anything that people had to say to me.  I was in a state of shock.  What a horrible place to be.

I had a great day in the pool.  I had a great practice session with my guitar. And then the Real Estate went sideways.  Ugh. How did that happen?

Not being prepared.  Ugh!

If you stay ready. You don't have to get ready!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

What inspires me?

When I hear Mike Ferry coaching videos, I get inspired to prospect for clients.

When I listen to Renaissance Radio on Pandora, I get inspired to practice my guitar.

When my stomach and head are feeling good, I get inspired to stay on a path of health.

My life is a simple one.

Focus on health. Mind, body and spirit
Focus on helping others sell or buy a house

Real estate is a direct sales business
I Understand and belive that listing property is a direct sales business

Direct - I go to them

who do I call
25-30 calls per day
Database - warm calls
FSBO - cold
Expired - cold
Just listed - circular cold
Just sold - circular cold

My Schedule

Health: Exercise,
Yoga, Swimming
Eat right. don't cheat

Work: Office

role play and practice
set aside time for presentation
appointment setting

Home: Spend time with my dog.  She loves music. Play with her and play the guitar for her

I am that I am
Affirm!  PTL!


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Birds chirping spring is coming

One of the nicest things about coming out of winter and heading into spring is the sound of the birds chirping just before during and just after sunrise.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


It was this time last year when I first got into the lap Lanes in the swimming pool. It was the first time that I had actually swim from one side of the pool to the other. I lost my breath. I thought I was going to drown. It was a crazy Life changing experience. I didn't even own swimming goggles at the time. My eyes were burning I could barely breathe it was life changing! Posted below are a couple of Milestones that I've hit since then.

March 23rd 4 laps
May 11th first half mile
July 1st first kilometer

Today I swim a half-mile between 18 and 1/2 minutes and 20 and a half minutes. I swim a kilometer between 24 minutes and 26 minutes. And I do this 4 times a week! That's worth standing on the beach and shouting!

 I cannot believe the lessons that I have learned over the past year.! It's time for some new goals regarding health and fitness and also time to shift some of these goals into my professional life.! I could go on for days but that would just be horrible! I am happy! Healthy! I Am The Walrus!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time to get serious

I can't believe it's been a week since I put up my last blog post.
Since then I have visited Salt Lake City and spend Valentine's Day weekend with my wife.
Also I have been prospecting. For Real Estate leads. And I have to admit I have not been doing a very good job. Well I have invested a little bit of money into some help to generate leads set appointments and create sales and I am praying that it'll all work out.
The last component of the equation will be me. I must work harder!
I must work harder!
There's no doubt about it that I have been working not as hard as I could would or should be. So the challenge is to create an environment where I do what I need to do no matter what. I must do what I need to do regardless of what anybody around me says or does. And it's really kind of interesting to say it that way because in my mind I have to really focus on building my real estate business up to where I wanted to be. I need to contact more people I need to create more sales I need to create more action in my business.
And that is it no exception

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Prospecting and Swimming

Today was a great day.

Swimming was a healthy half mile.  I was swimming with another Walrus this morning, and I've learned to swim at a pace that allows me to complete my workout but we're not swimming over each other.  Half mile in

Prospecting for FSBOs this afternoon was a blast.  I made good contacts and received good feedback.  Back at it again tomorrow!

One thing I've learned from both.

I've learned to luv swimming.  Swimming is good for me.  The more I swim, the better I get and the more I like it.

I've learned to luv prospecting.  Prospecting is good for my business.  The more I prospect, the better I get and the more I like it.

Back at it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

1 year ago

About a year ago I was listening to the following video.

  I had issues at that time

About a year ago I first heard this message. I needed it. After a year I'm beginning to truly feel confident with who I am. I believe I'm on a good path. thank you.

I have all the willpower I need.
I like the person I am becoming.
my inner strength grows stronger each day.
I am healing.
I am healthy.
I am happy.
I am confident with who I am.
I release negativity.
I fill my mind with positive thoughts.
(some of the time it's difficult) but,
I like the person I am becoming.
I truly believe that I have an attractive mind, body and spirit.
I like the person I am becoming.
I am confident in the person I am becoming.

Thank you Jason for this message.
Blessings to you!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday morning

Monday morning and the beginning of a glorious new week. Very excited to start this week at the pool. And looking forward to a fantastic week of prospecting. Fantastic week of the listing. And a fantastic week of selling homes.
 Behavior is the killer of all bad habits!

Since I'm feeling pretty good this morning, I'm a swim a kilometer. I'm feeling really good very optimistic for the day and the week!
I am the realtor that people choose to work with.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Busy morning at the pool

 To say that it wasn't busy and crowded in the lap Lanes in the pool this morning is an understatement!
I really enjoy my morning workout. I was talking with a gentleman in the locker room this morning and I was just commenting about how much this pool has absolutely positively save my life! Yes and I say that with an exclamation point because it truly has been a lifesaver.
As a result my health is getting better. My spirit is getting stronger. My confidence is growing. I feel so much better about facing the day. I don't feel like climbing into a corner getting in the fetal position learning out of play the saxophone writing some poetry. I really am feeling better about myself. Also if you happen to stumble upon this blog post know the comments about the saxophone and poetry sarcasm.

Today I'm going to spend a lot of time meditating on my mindset to approach my business. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about that. People receive tremendous amounts of criticism when they're in business for themselves. And I'm no exception to that rule. All I can say is that I do my very best everyday to be the very best I can be for my clients and for everybody and anybody I come in contact with. I strive for excellence! That's it. I strive for excellence and I want my customers and clients to feel what it is like to have a caring attentive agent helping them by yourself their house. So today I will be meditating and contemplating and focused on affirmations about my business and how I can be the very best I can beat every day. Day in and day out. Day in and day out to be the very best!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Prospecting and Listing

Any realtor who says that they do not Prospect for new business is either a liar or a broke realtor.
Any realtor who tells you that listings just fly into their office and they don't have to do anything to maintain their business is either a liar or a broke realtor.
This week I have been prospecting and been on appointments like nobody's business. It has been a very productive week!
And did you know that it's only Tuesday.

Now it's time to Wine down with some good music and  good dinner

Monday, January 30, 2017

Prospecting Monday

What I learned today
  1. Leave my ego in the car
  2. Ask more open ended questions

  • who 
  • what 
  • when 
  • where
  • how

  1. Be a great listener. Listen. Listen. Listen
  2. Quit having to be right all the time
  3. Accept responsibility for my results
  4. work daily to develop new productive habits. 
  5. work to try something new in my personal life and expand and build a better life
  6. spend some time studying the thinking big process 
  • This is who I am
  • This is who I want to be.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday night

It's Sunday night. 11:30 p.m. I have so many thoughts racing through my mind I can't even think of where to begin. So many ideas I have about how to build my real estate business. So many ideas I have about how to be the very best realtor I can possibly be.

Lead generation, lead follow-up, and listing appointments. This is when is first and foremost on my mind I need listings. I need listings. I need listings!
 I need listings.

Now it is time to go to bed. Say affirmations! And marinade on the greatness to come

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Roll Play

In sales we roll play.  Its a part of training. Every Friday I work with a lady from another office. This was a good morning.  We went over talking to home buyers, the problems that come with buying a home and how to solve them.  GREAT!

I did not go to the pool this morning.  Friday is now my off day - not Wednesday.

Remember that when you're ready to buy or sell.  Contact me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Big day

Sometimes I am so happy that this Blog has zero followers. I can keep a record of everything that's important but I don't have to hear any backlash! Sweet!

This morning at the pool that was a great day. I wound up swimming my half mile in 18 minutes and 48 seconds. And then my friend it was in the pool also said let's do a few more laps. So we did. I wound up doing a kilometer in 24 minutes and 46 seconds and I thought that was pretty good.

Today at work my leads are getting better and the listings are starting to come in which is fantastic! The floodgates are starting to open up!

Tonight I'm hosting a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class at the Coldwell Banker Mason Morris office in Glenwood Springs. These signups have been horribly low. I seriously doubt anybody's going to show up. But that's okay I'll continue to manage my money in a way that says I can live like no one else so that I can live like no one else.! And I'm okay with that.!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Meditation and Health

Today was a good day. I had a good morning of yoga. 22 minutes of Hatha Vinyasa yoga with the namastay girls of Namaste Yoga. It was great!

Later that morning I went to the pool. I saw my swimming coach there. She was awesome. I saw my friend there another walrus. He was awesome too. We both swam a kilometer. It was a great morning! My kilometer was kind of slow because I was following your girl walrus who wasn't very fast. So my kilometer was about 27 28 minutes something like that. Still a great morning!

Went to lunch with a friend. Met with a couple clients who are optimistic about purchasing soon. It was a great day of lead follow-up!

Home finally, I'm putting this post together as I'm getting ready to go to sleep. I've been sitting here in meditative, contemplative thought. While listening to the Moses code by doctor Wayne Dwyer

I am perfect health
I am abundance.
 I am healthy!
I am perfect health!
I am abundance!
I have the realtor people want to work with!
I am the realtor people choose to work with!
I am attracting motivated sellers!
I am attracting qualified buyers!
 I am the realtor people want to work with!
I am perfect health!
I am abundance!
I am that I am!
I am that I am!
I am attracting motivated sellers!
I am attracting qualified buyers!
I am the realtor people want to work with!
 I am happy. I am healthy. I am healing. I am perfect health!
 I am that I am!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Relaxing on Sunday

I couldn't post anything on Saturday because I had such a severe headache I could barely see straight. I miss going to the pool but I could barely move so I didn't go swimming. However I did go swimming this morning.

I Did my half a mile in 19 minutes and 47 seconds. And I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. At least right now I don't have to crawl in the fetal position keep all the lights off and and just be quiet.

So today I'm just relaxing. I'll be watching some football. I am cooking a slow roast chicken. And I think that's going to be a good way to spend Sunday.

I am going to be amped up and ready to go back to work for throttle on Monday morning.

PS yes I know Realtors work on Sundays! I just don't have it in me to move today. However I am healing! I am healing! I am healthy! I am healthy! And believe it or not I truly am happy.! I am happy too!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Floor time Friday

 Today was floor time Friday also known as FSBO Friday also known as for sale by owner Friday.


The day started out really great. And then I found out there was nobody to work the floor this morning. So I started out working with lady in the company and going over scripts and presentations. Then round up picking up the floor in the morning. Then wound up going to lunch then picked up the floor again in the afternoon because that's when I was scheduled to work.

Now I'm home having some pasta with clam sauce yes! I am not going to take a picture of my food and a bottle of wine. You and I probably should....

All is well! I am one of the finest realtors in the Roaring Fork Valley! I am the realtor people choose to represent them in their transactions! I am attracting motivated sellers.! I am attracting qualified buyers!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Showing property

Wow.! What a great day of showing property! I'm going to load up a picture of vacant land that doesn't look like much on the surface but my God it is fantastic!

And I am looking forward to writing an offer on this. Also took a look at some ski property today and it was beautiful just beautiful! This is not going to be picked up by my buyer but it sure was fun to go look at this place because it is so magnificent!

I Had a great day at the pool a great day showing property I had a great evening practicing my guitar and I'm really enjoying some down time right now!

Yes this posting is filled with exclamation points.

I am one of the finest realtors in the Roaring Fork Valley! I am the realtor people choose to work with first!

Busy Morning

Whew!  Today has been a busy morning.

I met up with my swim coach at the pool.  She says I need a serious pep talk about Real Estate.  She's right.

I swam my half mile in 18:55.  Since I have several calls and emails to make I cut my swim short.  I'll make up with a Kilometer on Saturday.  Friday is booked.  Yes. I cut my swim short by 6 minutes. UGH!

I also updated my listing presentation
Click Here to see it. No email required

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kilometer at the Pool. Showing property later today

Headline says it all.  I swam a kilometer today in 25:55.  Not a record time. But it was a good workout.  It was a weird day.  The swimmers were just strange.  Nobody (including me) was really friendly with one another.  It was weird.

I should show a picture of Walruses fighting, but I don't have one.

I'll be showing some property later today.  I wish I were listing instead of showing.  I prefer to be a listing agent. Sigh.

OK. No more bad attitude.

Time to take on the day.  Meeting starts in 8 minutes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Steady It Goes

This morning started out with the normal schedule.

A buyer I'm working with called and we're  getting more focused on the land he's looking to (needs to) buy.

It was a good day at the pool 18:56 half mile.

My buyer is looking for land to build upon.

Vacant Land. Sexier than you think.

I am the Realtor people luv doing business with!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Floor Time on MLK day

I very rarely have floor time in the morning. My mornings are sacred to me.

  • 7:00 am Yoga
  • 7:30 am Guitar
  • 9:00 am Pool exercise (except Friday 8:30 roll play w/Nancy)
  • 10:00 am eat healthy!  Oatmeal, Fruit!  


Today I woke up late and made into city market for fresh donuts and coffee!!!

Real Estate Prospecting is NOT going to be put on hold.  I'm still prospecting.  Even if I am in a processed sugar induced food coma.

I am the Realtor that sellers chose to list their house

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Long Weekend

This weekend seems like a very long weekend. I didn't make it to the pool on Saturday.

But i did swim this morning.  And even though I didn't really feel like swimming, I did swim my half mile. I did not break any records or have anything to boast about however, I am happy that I made it into the pool!

I thought about blowing off swimming this weekend and I am so happy that I did not do that.

As far as real estate is concerned I am becoming a prospecting machine! I am calling prospects. I am mailing prospects. I am hanging booklets and little marketing material stuff on their door knob. I'm doing everything I can to reach out to people and say "list your house with me!"

I can't help but believe that my efforts will pay off! I have this sneaking suspicion that the floodgates are going to open up and people are going to come out in droves and tell me "I want you Todd Ambrose to list my house!"

I am one of the finest realtors in the Roaring Fork Valley and Beyond! I am the realtor that people want to hire!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Gathering of Walruses

Today was a great morning swim at the pool.  My friends were there and we pushing each other to be the best we could be.

After 2 days of rest. I'm weighing in at 173lbs. Officially 8 lbs away from goal.  I swam my half mile in 18:44 and my kilometer in 24:37.

Powerful day at the pool not only in performance, but also in encouragement for each other.

Me and my friends putting in our laps at the Glenwood Springs Hot Spring Pool

Time to make some connections and set some appointments to sell some houses.  I am one of the finest Realtors in the Roaring Fork Valley and Beyond

The view from the front porch of a ranch I sold


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Floor Time

I took floor time for a colleague this morning.  She's a great gal, so I'm happy to help out.

My stress comes from adjusting my schedule.  I swim laps on Thursday morning. No workout makes Todd a Grumpy Walrus.

The lesson learned: .

Have a positive mindset
Serve others
Focus on achievement

Morning exercise helps me focus on being the best Realtor for my clients.  I shift my focus from missing a workout to a more positive mindset of helping a colleague. This I can feel good about.

P.S. I'm headed to the GWS hotspring to soak tonight.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

FSBO vs REALTOR scenario

Purchase Price as For Sale By Owner = 115,000
Reduced Price as For Sale By Owner = 105,000
Success Fee of Realtor at 6% of 115,000 = 6,900
Realtor successfully sells at 115,000. Sale Price After Success Fee = 108,100
The seller will accept a lower price to avoid paying a Realtor.
Too Bad.  Sigh, Head in My Hands.

I can't begin to tell you how often this happens.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Real Estate Prices to Sky Rocket

Real Estate Prices to Sky Rocket.

That's what I've been hearing all day today.  I've been prospecting my butt off, and all I hear is I gotta buy now because 'Real Estate Prices to Sky Rocket'.  CRAZY huh.

This is an investment property I listed a short time ago.  It was under contract in less than 24 hours. Seriously. I got an email at 6:00 am.  UGH. then I showed it at 10:00 am. Under contract by 11:30 am

It has been a busy day.
I swam a half mile this morning. 20:53 was the time.
Prospecting started right after the pool. I made some great contacts today

Then I came home to my dog.

I am prospecting for new business everyday.  PTL!

I am healing. I am healthy. I am happy. I am going to sleep soundly

Monday, January 9, 2017

Search for Your New Home

Oh Happy Day! My IDX (MLS Feed) is working properly now. Hooray. Go to my site and start searching for your next home

New Home Construction

I'm working with a client from Texas and we're building a new home for him.  We're in the design stage.  Here is one of the homes he is considering.  2367 square feet with a 3 car garage.  Nice!

Perfect views of Mt. Sopris and walking distance to the rive for gold metal trout fishing.  Dream house!