Friday, December 30, 2016

Swimming and Real Estate

Good morning. I just came out of the pool and I slam my kilometer in 27 minutes and 14 seconds. After I swim a kilometer I thought to myself I'm no longer in it for time period I'm in it for distance my goal for 2017 is to do a solid kilometer every time I'm in the pool which is 4 days a week.

Now what that equates to is 17 laps. I like to keep my time per lap to 1 minute 30 seconds. And that runs out to about 19 minutes give me 25 minutes and 30 seconds for the kilometer. That would be my goal for 2017 right now I can do a kilometer pretty easily between 26 1/2 and 28 minutes and I feel pretty good about that.

now how does this tie into real estate.  When it comes to real estate I have to remember that if I set new goals I cannot expect to achieve those goals overnight. It took me a while before I was able to get to a half mile swim as a matter of fact last March I was swimming for laps. 800 feet. And I was pretty excited about that. And a lot of people think was pretty lame but then some people were encouraging me to keep going on further.

So when it comes to real estate getting listings helping buyers helping people with their problem of buying or selling.

 I need to focus on one day at a time one person at a time one call at a time one property at a time and build on it from there. I know that there are some people that have 25 listings. I also know that there are some people have 0 listings.

I have to be able to find my way and be happy and content with what I'm doing and know that I'm being the absolute best I can be for my clients.

 Conversely I need to know that I'm doing my very best in the pool so that I'm helping my health my well-being and my happiness. And they both tie in together you may have a different analogy that you might want to use as to how you set your goals and help you achieve your desired results in life that just happened to be mine. If you happen to have a comment let me know I'm happy to share

I am happy I am healing I am healthy I Am the Walrus kookookachoo

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